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ERPhere is a system that contains highly critical data, therefore the great importance of having a permanent support team of first level


Any need for adjustment is addressed as a priority.

Product Support

The ERPhere technical team guides and accompanies the entire implementation process, until the production of each version.

Constant Upgrades

The regulatory requirements as well as the procedural improvements and good practices that are emerging in the business world, make it necessary for us to have a permanent team that day by day works in improved versions to which you have access without any additional cost.

Alertas de Seguridad

ERPhere, has incorporated the security measures that demand the highest international standards and the attention of alerts is immediate.


No, with ERPhere you only need a computer that has a web browser.

No, the risk of losing data is completely covered with ERPhere. Storing data in the cloud is far safer than having it on your own premises even when you have backups.

ERPhere no tiene límite de usuarios y pueden interactuar con el sistema simultáneamente sin ninguna interferencia o interrupción.

ERPhere has user management autonomy, role definition and permissions.

The annual licenses, cover all modifications related to regulatory changes in the country, therefore, have no additional cost.

In case of delay in the payment of an annuity, the system will be active during the period of tolerance agreed in the contract, after which the system is disabled until the fulfilment of the obligation, at which time it will be automatically rehabilitated.

The contract establishes the permanence of the system in time, as an obligation on the part of Software 4Tech.

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